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Inside Nidhog

Nidhog, Inc. is a full service web presence provider and Internet access provider. We offer very reliable, cost effective, high speed Internet Web Hosting. We support UNIX, Windows 2000, FrontPage 2000, secure services, domain name registration, enterprise e-mail, server co-location, and more. We offer a wide range of access products including dial-up, DSL, and T1.

Nidhog is a young and growing company, yet we have the experience to provide the best service possible! Founded in August 2000, we purchased the virtual web hosting services and equipment of Sladekutter, LTD. Since that time, Nidhog has built on Sladekutter's services and improved where possible by adding new equipment and by adding more services.

In December of 2000, we moved our offices and equipment into a new data center. aspStation's data center provides Nidhog with redundant high speed connections to the Internet backbone networks to ensure access to our customer's sites is fast, reliable, and highly available. We also enjoy redundant power from a back-up UPS and backup diesel generator to ensure that our customer's sites are always on-line. The aspStation data center also provides Nidhog with a secure, temperature controlled environment.

In November of 2001, Nidhog, Inc acquired the dialup and web hosting services of Echomatrix, Inc. For more information, check out the Press Release here.


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